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Sabbatical, a sonnet



Verily, yeah verily, ’tis my way to speak on such worldly ways
An apostle casting back from dalliance on visions experienced
Cries of reasoning set forth, seek ye out those of relevant mind
Attraction solicits interaction, cause requires effective overlays
Traipsing acrost a world existing in pain, the righteous anger
In living for tomorrow, today so very much needs now be done
Only one doing what one can, such lofty stakes hung on a life’s run
Noxious thoughts cease screaming out, move to something far viler
One thing? were it only one, resolve attacked from every angle
Needs of the one, are the needs on occasion, that one must meet
Enough of the matters surrounding in this world’s explicit show
Will works its way to heart, heart’s strings a web to untangle
All this one’s good will spilled, none leftover, calling cavalry retreat
Yes tis true of how all good things come, so inversely, they must go

G.R. Hambley ©
December 15, 2015

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