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Closing Time

Closing Time

You can see the date this was finished at the end. It has been in my vault while others have had it to get going on putting the dots to it. By the dots I mean the music. We don’t know how long that may take.

So, this “Lyric” is with some people I know. One is Blues Rock and the other are people I did some album art for a number of years who seem to have gone Country.

Perhaps you’re asking why two? A number of years ago there were 2 films released at the same time, Dangerous Liaisons and Valmont? Same story for both films but different perspective on how the story should be told.

Yes I have other lyrics with the people I know. No one trick pony here. One of them a collaboration,  a marriage of something I’d written with something someone else wrote.

And before you read, for those of you who may not have had the experience, nothing good happens after 2:00 am! If you aren’t already in bed, go home!


Closing Time

Another time, another place,
you’d become not just another face
The only clock shows just past two,
only ones left us and the drunken few
Time we needed to just stand still,
running on fumes recalling the thrill

The feelings you’re hiding from keep you on the run
The moments you’re wishing this thing hadn’t even begun

Minutes working their way through the hour,
the bodies around us barely under power
Moving hands counting down to destruction,
voice raising up heading for an eruption
Blowing hotter with every word attack,
best cool it out before burning the way back

The feelings you’re dropping keep you from jumping
The moments you’re cursing feed the numbing

Sun is making signs of life in a dusty corner,
I’ll be outside under the sign pointing to disorder
You can join me for some time while the ball is risin’
talk some more about a road to some new horizon,
We could spend all the clock looking for rhythm to rhyme,
In the end it’ll be hitting two and we know, it’s closing time

The feelings you’re holding to keep you remembering me
The moments you’re softly smiling, you know it had to be

G.R. Hambley ©
February 16, 2014


4 responses to “Closing Time

  1. Sister Madly April 22, 2015 at 12:29 pm

    Been wondering when you were going to post this- might I say, it’s about time!

    Liked by 1 person

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