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False Witness – Sonnet

False Witness


An egregious assault reportedly perpetrated
Not to be, nor should it be, taken solely at face
Instance indulgence in and of itself, selfish
Made harshly in to one’s truth by innuendo
Practicality no consideration in mind fixated
Accounting demanded without semblance of grace
Cancer in remission awakened, back to flourish
Tolerance levels leveled, eye for eye for I told you so
Snarling, snapping, year after years containment
Unable to contain, pain spewed like lava rain
Deceit and lies only existing in one’s malignant mind
Deeds described not done, nor as imagined entertainment
Exasperation’s ceiling, lathe & plaster cut with disdain
Never more will such be tolerated by any of such kind

G.R. Hambley ©
August 09, 2015

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