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Memory Data Packets

Memory Data Packets

It’s a writer thing!

Data Packets:
For those that don’t know data packets are pieces of information of a whole of information. The whole is fractured in to smaller pieces for easier transfer. The packets are sent and on arrival at destination are reassembled back in to the whole they were. Pretty simple stuff and an easy enough concept to comprehend. Easier still if you understand “Beam Technology”, as in beam me up Scottie.

As a writer I like this reference from my thesaurus.
3. The power of retaining and recalling past experience

Memory Data Packets and the Writer:
When you are working on a piece and the packets arrive from various sources you start tearing out the extraneous chunks to get at the section of the packet you desire to use.

The term as it applies to where I’m going with it here means a wealth or dearth of information lodged in a narrow memory opening waiting to be sorted in to useable pieces. The sorting process in action with an unexpected arrival of more data packets. Bottleneck increases.

Step Down:
What you do if you’re smart so you can mentally sort and align the data without worrying about the information reaching the page. Some might even call it thinking it through.

Realizing you’re hung up and strung out and having the sense to stop.

I know how and can do that!

G.R. Hambley ©
October 21, 2015

I decided a couple hours after this was up it needed a song to go with it. I almost went with, “Everybody Wants You”, but this is way more appropriate!


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