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This poetry was written out of belief and deduction from a series of events. A short time ago it was confirmed to me that the belief was in truth factual. The actuality is that the items, including the book I wrote live.

What I believed is now knowledge.

This piece and another serve as an example from me as to how it can be when relationship has ended and the fighting goes on and on and on. Both pieces can also serve as a reminder that despite what you may think you’re entitled to, and you can rationalize and justify all you like, you keep what isn’t yours, you are a…..

There is more to this story regarding knowledge that came to light that short time ago. Please keep in mind this piece was written almost 14 months prior to posting here. This piece is also posted in another place I have and was posted much closer to the time I wrote it.

Both are in acrostic. The same acrostic. I had forgotten in my angst that I had one going and started another from the original layout.

The other piece was posted not long ago, “Engaged


All I want is the beauty that is mine, that is me
Left to a trust that discovery shows is in moral bankruptcy
Lost and lies and never to be found again
Taking no care, taking no time, taking a powder on thoughtfulness

Here take this, another lie to get you by gets the liar by
Every twist, every turn, every attempt to burn, countered
Look what I found, look what I see, look what I know
One more rise up on the hatred scale of things left for me

So round and round it goes and where it stops, I know
Taken to tears, taken to fears, taken I hope, to jail
Take that, take this, take a number on an orange jump suit
Hell I faced, I overcame, your turn now, accept the shame

Intimately known, to me at least
Never did it have to go down this road
Grown up considerations, alas don’t exist in fairy land
So now, getting on to happily ever after must be made to wait

G.R. Hambley ©
April 03, 2014


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